We are Thankful for a Shared Vision with our Principals

Being a school administrator is a tough job. Collective for Youth cannot thank our school principals enough for the support of their afterschool programs.    Collective for Youth has many examples of successful partnerships between principals and afterschool programs. These successful relationships have resulted in a shared vision, collaborative planning, and fostering a common culture.  Again, this is due in part to the leadership of our principals and their willingness to embrace their community partners.

Most importantly, Collective for Youth is thankful that our principals recognize the importance of their afterschool programs.  This doesn’t just happen overnight.  It takes hard work.  A well-built relationship between the afterschool program and the principal is one of the most important indicators of successful programming

Principal John Campin with students from Gomez Elementary

At Gomez Elementary, Principal John Campin noted that as a principal, he and the Completely Kids program have worked together for nine years.  Principal Campin also noted that he and Katie Miles, the Site Coordinator, make it a point to sit down formally on a monthly basis “to support each other with new ideas and problem solve together”. Campin said, “We also work together to ensure a successful summer program”.  

Susan Aguilera-Robles has been the principal at Spring Lake for 14 years.  Principal Aguilera-Robles had this to say about the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands program, “the program is truly an extension of what we do here at Spring Lake Magnet.  We have a great collaborative partnership with our afterschool program staff.  They enforce the expectations that have been set here and everyone works together.”

Both principals recognize how vitally important the afterschool program is to ensuring that families and students are supported and are offered new experiences.  School Principals are advocates and cheerleaders for afterschool programming.   They often help guide each program’s focus area to better support and enhance learning.  Campin said, “I think the extra field trips, family nights and programs that Completely Kids offer are essential.  Students are are able to take swimming lessons in the summer.  Many students would not get these opportunities if it wasn’t for the Completely Kids programming”.

Principal Aguilera-Robles

Principal Aguilera-Robles discussed her excitement for the afterschool program at Spring Lake. “Boys and Girls Clubs of the Midlands has brought many programs to our students and provides them with various experiences that they might not have without the CLC program.  The field trips provide students to visit places their parents might not have the chance to take them.  The students receive mariachi classes, health and nutrition, robotics, etc.  The list goes on and on!  It’s amazing for our students that they are able to experience these things”.

We are so grateful for the partnership, shared vision and endless support from our school principals. With their support we can accomplish all of our goals in bringing high quality afterschool programming to the youth in our programs!