Collective For Youth

Who are CFY’s providers?
We currently work with more than 60 program providers in the Omaha metro area and there is always room for more. We believe our youth should have choices in their out of school time learning and the more providers we have in our network, the more choices our youth have to engage their interests and spark new ones!

Can anyone become a provider?
If you pass a background check and are covered by liability insurance, then you are welcome to apply to be a provider! Check out the Become a Provider page to apply.

Do you only work in schools?
Yes, we only provide programs in the schools listed below.

In what schools do your providers work?
Under our umbrella, 60 providers are offering quality programming in 30 local schools.

Bancroft Elementary

Belvedere Elementary

Castelar Elementary

Central Park Elementary

Druid Hill Elementary

Field Club Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Gilder Elementary

Gomez Heritage Elementary

Hartman Elementary

Highland Elementary

Indian Hills Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Howard Kennedy Elementary

King Elementary

King Science Center

Lewis and Clark Middle

Liberty Elementary

Marrs Magnet

McMillan Magnet

Miller Park Elementary

Monroe Middle

Morton Magnet

Mount View Elementary

Norris Middle

Saratoga Elementary

Sherman Elementary

Skinner Elementary

Spring Lake Elementary

Wakonda Elementary

What does a high quality program look like?

Any program that provides a safe and supportive environment, where youth have the opportunity to interact and engage in the learning process.

Visit the Quality Standards page to learn more.

What kind of programs are you looking for?

We like hands-on engaging activities that tie back to the school day curriculum.