The Collective Podcast-The Benefits of a Book Club

LaRon Henderson and Nik Stevenson are your hosts for a podcast rebirth called The Collective. The Collective is available on Spotify and via CFY’s YouTube Channel. Take a journey with them as they look to provide practical proven strategies for Out of School Time leaders. The Collective’s goal is to help develop a community by empowering leaders who will in turn ignite the minds of youth in their after school programs.

The Benefits of a Book Club is the first in a long list of episodes being served up through the podcast. In this episode, LaRon and Nik discuss the benefits and strategies to building an effective book club for your team and network. Come check it out, but don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review! And, remember to share it with your colleagues and friends in the out of school time world.

Looking ahead, stay tuned for the following upcoming episodes: Ways to Build a Team that ROCKS, Creating an Environment Where Everyone Feels Welcome, Creative Staffing Solutions, and Building a Contagious Culture That Lasts. Join us! Without you, The Collective is incomplete.

Join us! without you, The Collective is incomplete. Listen on Spotify or watch on You Tube.