Collective for Youth Afterschool Professionals Awards

2018 Afterschool Professional Awards recipient Donna Beasley

Collective for Youth started off the new year with a celebration presenting the first ever Afterschool Professionals Award event. Over 250 staff, friends and family were present to celebrate. All individuals who received awards were nominated by their peers which made the nominations that much more meaningful to the recipients.These awards recognize outstanding performance and achievement by individuals within Collective for Youth Afterschool Programs.

Recognition awards were presented to the following  individuals:

  • Caring Adult in Afterschool (teacher, administrator, parent, or any other caring adult) : Susan Aguilera-Robles, Principal at Spring Lake Elementary
  • Exemplary Achievement by an Afterschool Frontline Staff Member: Ms. Peggy Boone, Skinner Magnet Elementary
  • Exceptional Achievement by an Afterschool Director: Ms. Donna Cummings-Beasley, Site Director, Indian Hills Elementary
  • Exceptional Achievement by an Afterschool Assistant Director: Ally Mascarello, Assistant Site Director, Marrs Magnet
  • Exemplary Achievement by a Program Youth- Kayla Green, Elementary and Dakota Harris, Middle School

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! Collective for Youth, our partners and the youth are so fortunate to have individuals like you to help them thrive and grow!